Endlessly Iterate on Your Digital IT Strategy 

96 percent of executives say digital is a strategic business priority however only 26 percent say their organization actually has an enterprise-wide digital strategy( Deloitte 2018 survey).
As the CIO you are expected to have an IT strategy that ensures not only stabilization of your current environment but also adapts to the speed of your business. This we know is a challenging feat given that you may only have a limited budget, thus very little room for error. Our system helps you run various objective what-if scenarios within minutes on projects that will deliver functionality to support your strategy. This allows you to creatively, feasibly and efficiently experiment and fine tune your strategy given your current time, resource and governance constraints.

Get More Buy-In on Your IT Strategy

95% of employees do not understand their organization's strategy (
It's one thing to come up with an IT strategy is another thing to effectively sell it. They maybe a lot of skepticisms from your CEO and board and your organization may resist the changes proposed. Our system helps you sell your strategy by providing you with detailed plan estimates that are formatted to provide different views tailored to all the different audiences that you need to communicate your strategy to. We know your business stakeholders like to see what they are getting for their money from a capability perceptive, while your technical teams want to drill down the itemized details. You do not have to re-analyze and reformat this data as we do that for you so can just focus on the selling. Secondly since all the data is based off your current organization and not industry averages, it gives you all a realist view point which adds a lot of credibility to your proposals.

Set Realistic Timelines on Your IT Strategy

To maintain the confidence and trust of your stakeholders its important not to over promise and underdelivering on your IT strategy scope, budget and timeline. This can be very hard to do given the so many external factors beyond your control. Our system provides a detailed plan with all the dependencies and assumptions which allows you to baseline the projects that deliver on your strategy. This allows you to closely track on their execution and able to notice when they go off track early to take corrective actions. It also provides an effective realistic guide for the teams that will help you deliver on these projects.

Drive Agility and Innovation

89% say formulating strategy appropriate for changing market conditions is very important or essential for competitiveness (
Improving time to market has become a necessity for any organization if it is to survive. However, in large organizations with distributed functions and governance constraints this becomes a very challenging issue. Our system helps you and your teams get a good commanding understanding of your current processes and bottlenecks. This allows you to empower your teams to find creative and innovative ways to continuous improve and streamline your project delivery processes in a very prioritized and targeted way. It also helps sell the case for more agile approaches as our system allows each individual associated with the process, get a full understanding on their overall impact to the business experience.

Understand the True Cost of Delivering Projects

60% of organizations do not link their strategic priorities to their budget (
Its critical to understand the true cost of delivering on your IT projects so that you can objectively compare, evaluate and prioritize them based on their return on investment. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as past project, which are used as a good baseline, are managed in systems that do not account for all costs. In most organizations not every team uses the same system for time tracking. Also, some organization start tracking project costs once the budget has been approved and don't factor in all the costs that preceded that approval. Since our system captures all the project processes since inception, we account for all the costs to give you a true comprehensive picture. 


Never Miss A Stakeholder

There is nothing worse than a critical stakeholder that was missed who shows up at the end of the project, especially before go live, and pulls the plug on you.  In large organizations with so many distributed and decentralized teams and processes, that are always changing, this is a common issue. Our system ensures that all the stakeholders are identified and accounted for from the very start. Its also can be updated to account for any changes.

No More Unrealistic Deadlines

70 percent of projects fail ( 4 PM). Just 40 percent of projects at IBM meet the company's three key goals (schedule, budget, and quality) ( IBM).
Most of the time as a project manager, you are assigned projects with pre-set aggressive timeline expectations from the project sponsor or business line. Those expectations at times may have not been set on realist facts which translates to unrealistic timelines which are stressful for the project teams. Our system helps all the stakeholders set realistic objective timelines based on the current processes, SLAs and critical path. 

Get Self Accountable Teams

As the project manager, especially if new to the organization, you have to trust what the project teams tell you are their time SLAs of their tasks. Some of them may not be very forthcoming with this information as well which makes this process very challenging. Our systems makes sure that this processes have been mapped out between the project resources and their managers so that there is a clear accountable model set, which removes any ambiguity and excuses.

Manage The Project Not The Plan

As a new project manager in an organization, without historical reference, building a detailed project plan from scratch can be a dauting iterative effort that takes a lot of your time. Since our system does this for you to give you a good baseline, it frees up your time to focus on other productive activities.


Secure More Resources

We know it can take months to secure a new resource. From posting for a job position, interviewing, hiring, onboarding them to your systems and training. The ideal situation would be to have a pool of resources ready to take on projects. The problem sometimes is that its hard to justify the resource counts until the projects are approved, which creates a flood of resource demand that you cannot fulfil in time. Our system allows your senior executives to understand this resource constraints even before projects are approved. So it becomes a very easy sell to have your team staffed to the levels that guarantee an acceptable SLA to the business.

Streamline Your Processes

Sometimes its easy to loose touch of how the processes followed by your team impact your organizations project delivery process. Your process maybe on the critical path so any delays from your team adds to the timeline of all projects. Our system provides this visibility to you as it points out the bottlenecks on the processes. This helps you tweak the process for example having it start in parallel to another process to mitigate the timeline impact. 

Get Your Valuable Time Back 

How many endless long project evaluation meetings are you invited to only to find out that your team involvement is not needed or you only participate for just a few minutes? Our system helps to pre-screen these engagements and only identify those key projects that need your engagement so that your time is spent effectively.


Reduce Your Organization's Resistance To Change

42% of PMOs cite organization resistance to change as their second top most challenge (, 2016). People who resist change have a "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" mentality. However, we know sometimes it can be hard to effectively communicate why changes are needed. Our system makes this easier by providing a very clear insight to your organization on the inefficiencies caused by your current  project delivery process which converts them from resisters to the biggest change advocates.

Drive Business Value For Your Organization

51% of organizations view PMO processes as overhead and 41% of PMOs struggle demonstrating their added value to organization (, 2016). Your organization is changing to adopt to the market demands and the PMO must keep up or its seen as dated. Our system changes these statistics as it consolidates all your processes into a single view that your organization can understand how critical the PMO process are and they can provide feedback on improving on the dated ones continuously.

Scale Your Processes Enterprise wide

38% of PMOs complain it's a challenge assuring the consistent application of defined processes in the organization (, 2016). Key drivers to this are lack of process awareness or distributed organizational functions that do not follow the same PMO governance model. Since our system builds plan based off your PMO governance model that show the end to end path, very early in the process, your organization will be strongly persuaded to follow your PMO model than an alternative model that is not well mapped out.