Make Your Clients Happy

Our system allows your clients to shop or build as many accurate estimates by themselves whenever they want hassle free.

Save Time & Money

The system automates the human estimation element thus your team will now be free to attend to other critical business matters and not get bogged down building estimates. This will dramaticaly cut your operation costs.

Improved Colaboration

The system provides a centalized way to manage information among the various departments in your organization, thus reducing redundacy and increasing the accuracy of the estimates.

Never Miss A Stakeholder

Stakeholders are never missed as our system eliminates the guess work by intergrating all your departments to guide your clients thru the estimation process.

No Hardware Or Software Needed

Our system is fully hosted in a high avalibility platform so you dont have to buy any additional hardware or software.

You Are Never Alone

You can get help any time you need it, from support documentation to helpdesk ticketing system and phone support. Also faq pages for common questions.

Make Your Accountant Happy

Our Solution helps you breakdown your estimation costs based on you own business accounting standards.

Keep Your Lingo

Our solution allows your team to customize the content used thats familiar to your estimation clients and specific to your industry.

Keep Your Methods

Our system adopts a flexible estimation model which allows each of your departments to adopt multiple estimation methods that they are used to for the diffrent use case scenarios they have.